15 Classic Disney Movies For Those Winter Days

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Although El Pasos winters are fairly mild (its the summer that is atrocious), we have cold mornings and the wind kicks up around January making it hard to be outside for long. This means that we have a lot of time inside along with the rest of the country. Im not a super crafty mom. You give me craft kitsand Ill make anything. We encourage a lot of free play and reading with our daughter. But like any family, there are times we simply need a break or something for us to snuggle up and watch for a while. No craft, no mess, no drama. In that case, I turn to the classic Disney movies I loved as a child and my parents loved as children too. While I have favorites of the newer movies Disneys made (Nemo, Tangled, Wreck It Ralph), nothing beats hearing real singing and knowing someone hand drew all the pictures of the old ones. I never have to worry about inappropriate scenes, or innuendoes that make me wonder when my 4 year old will ask one day, What does that mean? Here are 15 of our very favorite classic Disney movies for winter, a break, or times where you just want to pretend to live in the 50s. No? Just me? Ok – Swiss Family Robinson We watched this 1960 movie so often as children that we had almost the entire thing memorized. I imagine my parents must have loved us all quoting it on a regular basis. Watch as a shipwrecked family makes a new life on an island.

In the festival’s closer, “Saving Mr. Banks,” Hanks plays a very different real-life figure Walt Disney, sparring with British writer P.L. Travers over the movie adaptation of her children’s classic “Mary Poppins.” The film has its world premiere in London on Oct. 20. Artistic director Clare Stewart said the double dose of Hanks was “a happy accident.” The 57th London Film Festival offers 234 features and 134 shorts, as well as a lineup of stars including Hanks, Sandra Bullock, Judi Dench, Carey Mulligan, Ralph Fiennes and Daniel Radcliffe. Founded in 1957 to show the best of world cinema to a British audience, the festival has recently tried to carve out a place on the international movie calendar with bigger pictures and more glittering stars. “Captain Phillips” is one of several films in the lineup already generating awards-season buzz; others include Alfonso Cuaron’s space odyssey “Gravity,” Joel and Ethan Coen’s folk saga “Inside Llewyn Davis” and Steve McQueen’s powerful historical drama “12 Years A Slave.” Stewart, in her second year as festival chief, hopes to make London a more important stop for movies during Hollywood’s ever-expanding awards season. Stewart said one of her goals is to draw attention to “films that might be quite surprising and are not on people’s radar already.” She’s particularly excited about John Curran’s “Tracks,” starring Mia Wasikowska as a woman who walks across the Australian Outback, and “We Are the Best,” Lukas Moodysson’s tale of an all-female punk band in 1980s’ Sweden. “Our official competition gives us the opportunity to shed light on some films that might be positioning themselves for some of the performing awards in awards season, or for some of the foreign-language prizes,” Stewart said. The festival will hand out prizes for best picture, best first feature, best documentary and best British newcomer at an Oct. 19 ceremony.

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I’m really happy. How’s your TV series coming along? Its called Gang Related. It’s on the Fox network. The best thing I can say about it is that usually a show like this would be on cable. Fox has been very edgy and very bold by putting this material on national TV. It’s set right here in California between Northern California and Southern California. It’s based around a lot of gang culture that’s here. It really taps into that, whether it’s the black gangs, the Korean gangs, the Mexican gangs, the Russian gangs. When does it premiere? It’s midseason, so I think well finish filming by January.