Air Canada Faces Firestorm Over Response After Staff Lose Dog At Airport

Air Canada loses woman’s dog, sends email suggesting it’s no big deal

Instead, the station says it accidentally received an email from spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick urging his colleagues to ignore the inquiry — and what sounded like a jab at the U.S. government shutdown. “I think I would just ignore, it is local news doing a story on a lost dog. Their entire government is shut down and about to default and this is how the US media spends its time,” the station said the email read. Word quickly spread online, with many voicing their outrage over the company’s response. “If you ever fly with your pet, you might not want to choose Air Canada,” one wrote on Twitter. The airline addressed the controversy in a statement Friday. “Air Canada acknowledges inappropriate comments were made in response to a reporter’s follow-up questions for additional details regarding Larry,” it said. “However, Air Canada has been providing the best available information to media on this matter. These comments do not reflect Air Canada’s standards or professionalism, and do not refer to the search for Larry by Air Canada employees which is ongoing.” Larry’s temporary owner said she was furious when she heard about the message. “I was angry… (but) I was not surprised that someone could be that stupid. It was an incredibly stupid, very cold, callous email,” Jutta Kulic said from Sacramento, California, where she is travelling for a dog show.

Speaking to the Star about the incident, Fitzpatrick said, “I guess I’m the poster child now for Be Careful with Email.” Indeed he is. The story of Larry is truly a sad one. Larry’s owner, Jutta Kulic, was honoring the wishes of a recently deceased friend, who had asked that Kulic find a home for Larry. Kulic did find a home, in British Columbia, where Larry was supposed to go. Kulic is still hoping that Larry turns up alive and well. Fitzpatrick stressed to the Star that he regrets the email because it makes it seem as if he and the rest of the airline don’t care, which isn’t true. From the Toronto Star: We actually have gone to a lot of effort (to locate the dog). Its a big city and its a fast dog, so its going to take time. Our people in San Francisco are sickened by this. Pets Rarely has a political party lost so much so rapidly from a series of strategic blunders. Yahoo News BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) A North Dakota farmer who discovered an oil spill the size of seven football fields while out harvesting wheat says that when he found it, crude was bubbling up out of the ground. Associated Press Twenty states and Washington, D.C., have legalized the medicinal use of marijuana, and two (Colorado and Washington) have legalized the substance for recreational use. So what’s the next logical step?