Initial Take-aways From U.s. Win Over Jamaica In World Cup Qualifying

There was a lot of good work from quite a few U.S. men in that one. The Jamaicans were pretty much done at that point. The rest was just playing it out, seeing whether the final score would land on 2-0 or 3-0 or wherever. It took the Americans awhile but Klinsmann and Co. did ultimately locate that urgency he has worked so hard to create. Did someone play their way out of roster contention? In at least one way, this was like a U.S. friendly: the match was mostly about fine-tuning and, from the most practical standpoint, about individual assessment. As I always say with friendlies, the athletes cannot really play their way onto a World Cup team with plum performance in matches that dont really matter but they can sure play their way off. You have to wonder this evening about Alejandro Bedoya. Bedoya is solidly on the bubble and he was front and center among the brigade who needed a big night at Sporting Park. But the place turned into a mini-house of horrors for Bedoya, who did little right in the first half and was only slightly better after the break. Klinsmann knows as well as anyone: if a guy cannot do it on a wonderful Friday night with nothing on the line, can he be trusted when its all on the line in soccers ultimate pressure cooker, a World Cup?

Homemade heroin first developed in Russia may have come to the United States

Americans had the geographic luck of distance from Europe and its conflicts. Out of this ability to avoid unnecessary wars that jeopardized life and liberty, came the Founders caution. Before Jeffersons aforementioned quip, George Washington stated the matter bluntly in his Farewell Address. It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world. Such counsel contained a powerful strain of realism. Strict neutrality was the infant nations best hope for survival amid international turmoil. The global nature of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars threatened to ensnare and destroy the republic with one misstep or ill-fated alliance. President James Madison nearly did just that in the War of 1812 when British forces burned Washington D.C. In the republics harrowing early years, one should note the impossibility of isolation or having no foreign contact. The world war meant the U.S. needed diplomatic relations and readiness for conflict. Sometimes the two overlapped, such as when hostilities began in 1812 over the repeated impressment of American sailors into the Royal Navy. But, the key for the Founders was to comprehend foreign threats and respond appropriately. Prescribed aloofness from European power politics never concerned diplomacy or trade. The Founders encouraged the latter, while the former became easier after Napoleons fall in 1815. Indeed, diplomacy was critical to bolstering U.S. security. The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 did more than add land. It reduced the presence of France, and then Spain, in North America and secured American control of the Mississippi River. The Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819 built off of Jeffersons work. It exchanged vague boundary claims in present-day Texas for Spanish Florida, and consolidated American control of land east of the Mississippi River. Moreover, New Spain (Mexico and Central America) became independent soon thereafter. In 1823, President James Monroe warned European nations against re-colonizing Latin America. Such efforts would constitute a serious threat to U.S. security. Despite Americas inability to enforce the Monroe Doctrine, and whether by design or accident, Britain tacitly approved. Spanish re-conquest likely meant a reestablished mercantilist system. If the Royal Navy kept prospective colonizers out, those new markets would likely stay open. This overlap of British economic interests and American geopolitical interests benefited the United States immensely.

An Isolationist United States? If Only That Were True

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USA vs. Jamaica: World Cup Live Score, Highlights, Recap

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8:24 PM ET 90+2′ Jamaica attempting one more last-ditch attack through a sea of American defenders. It eventually comes to nothing, and Jermaine Anderson will receive a yellow card for a hard challenge on Alejandro Bedoya. 8:22 PM ET 90+1′ Ooh, brilliant chance for Edgar Castillo, who could have easily either scored or set up Altidore for another goal. Slipped in on the left wing, he somehow poked the ball wide of the far post. Three minutes of time left to play. 8:21 PM ET 89′ The Americans are back to their swashbuckling best, as Jamaica begins to roll over. Another cross into the box almost finds the feet of one of three attackers, but the ball is cleared. Regardless, it’s celebration mode for the Yanks. 8:17 PM ET Jermaine Anderson replaces Johnson, the striker. 8:15 PM ET 83’GOAL!!! Jozy Altidore seals victory for the U.S.! It’s his sixth consecutive goal when starting a game. A horrible clearance out of the Jamaican defense found an alert Edgar Castillo on the left wing. He played a ball across the box to Altidore, who simply tapped the ball past a stranded Kerr.