Jennifer Aniston Can’t Hide Her Smile As She Hits The Spa For A Solo Pampering Session After Denying Pregnancy Claims

But despite the increased scrutiny, Jennifer Aniston looked in good spirits as she treated herself to a trip to the spa on Friday. The 44-year-old was stylishly casual in a flannel shirt and fedora while sipping an iced tea as she made her way into the salon in Los Angeles. Pamper time: Jennifer Aniston couldn’t hide her smile as she visited a spa in Los Angeles on Friday The We’re The Millers star looked chic in the black-and-white shirt, which she paired with boyfriend jeans that she folded at the ankle and black wedge heels. Jennifer topped off the look with a jaunty fedora and shielded her eyes with large sunglasses. She wore her honey blonde locks straight and sleek over her shoulders and added a slick of rose-tinted gloss to her lips. Cool and casual: The We’re The Millers star looked chic in a black-and-white shirt, which she paired with boyfriend jeans that she folded at the ankle and black wedge shoes After Us Weekly’s magazine cover declaring Jennifer’s ‘pregnancy’, a representative for the actress told MailOnline: ‘Jennifer is not pregnant. The publication printed a rep denial, but still proceeded to detail how the Friends star has been trying very hard to hide the fact that she is expecting a child with her fiance Justin Theroux, 42. ‘She’s thrilled!’ a source tells the weekly magazine. Million dollar wardrobe: Jennifer upped the glamour with a stylish Chanel handbag and black wedge heels The source adds that the couple, that fell in love on the set of Wanderlust, is ‘extremely happy’ and this ‘is the baby Jen always wanted,’ adding the child is due in 2014. Us Weekly claims the Emmy winner has been struggling to hide her ‘growing bump’ as she promotes her two films We’re The Millers and Life Of Crime. However, Jennifer previously revealed that she thinks people often come to the conclusion that she could be pregnant because she’s gained ‘a couple of pounds’ in recent months. Feeling good: Jennifer wore a huge grin as she made her way into the building Meanwhile, Jennifer and Justin have already moved into their new gated $21m Bel-Air home in LA, which at 8,500 square feet has plenty of space for a nursery. There are no plans yet for her wedding to Justin but she continues to wear her engagement ring whenever she steps out. There are no plans yet for a wedding because, ‘the baby is taking priority,’ says the source. In 2005 after her split from Brad Pitt, the Friends told Vanity Fair, ‘I’ve never in my life said I didn’t want children.

Jennifer Aniston gets ‘dirty’ with Jason Sudeikis


And it was funny.” She jokes that she begged Sudeikis to do the movie. “I was very persuasive,” Aniston says. Says Sudeikis: “Yes, there was that. It’s nice to be thoughtful in the process of deciding things. But if you think too much, I think you’ll cause creative paralysis.” In the film, Aniston’s Rose is the brains behind the ramshackle operation. Is she that quick-witted in real life? “No,” Aniston declares. “Yes you are,” counters Sudeikis, who next headlines the rom-comTumbledown, in which he plays a writer opposite Rose Byrne. “You’re not allowed to say, it but I will. You first said no. Then I said yes and you supported me.” Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis, ham it up at a promotional photo shoot for their new movie ‘We’re the Millers.’ (Photo: Todd Plitt USA TODAY) In fact, Thurber confirms, Aniston “doesn’t get enough credit for how funny she is in person. She has a real kind of fun, wicked wit about her. She’s able to laugh at herself.

How Jennifer Aniston Almost Missed Out on ‘Friends’ [Video]

Burrows recounted a story about a trip to Las Vegas shortly before the Emmy-winning sitcom premiered. After finagling a plane out of then-Warner Bros. head Les Moonves, Burrows took the “Friends” cast to Vegas for dinner at Caesars Palace and Spago. It was there that he had an epiphany about the show’s young stars. “I don’t know why I said this,” he revealed. “I said, ‘This is your last shot at anonymity.’ I said, ‘Once this show comes on the air, you guys will never be able to go anywhere without being hounded.'” He also fronted them money to gamble. (Aniston and her co-stars were all broke, although she later won her new boss some money at the craps table.) In exchange, they each gave him $200 checks which he later cashed. [Photos: Who’s Had the Best Post-‘Friends’ Career? ] “I shouldn’t have [cashed the checks],” Burrows said. “I should have put [them] on a wall. They would be worth something now.

Jennifer Aniston Furious Over “Angelina” Character in Movie: Demanded Script Change – Still Hates and Fears Angelina Jolie

So after all these years and several relationships, could Jennifer still be bitter that Angelina stole Brad Pitt from her? According to a new report from Star Magazine, Jennifer still hods such a strong grudge that she was furious when she found out that a character in her latest movie was named Angie. A source claims that while Jennifer was filming Squirrel to the Nuts this summer, she was mad that a major character in the film was named Angie since it reminded her of Angelina Jolie. A source explains, The original script had a role named Angie, and it infuriated Jen. She cringed whenever she heard it. Production was scheduled to start on a Monday but Jen didnt arrive until Wednesday because the scripts had to be revised first. The rest of the report focuses on Jennifer acting like a diva on set, but thats nothing new. Jennifer needs an army of people with her at all times, including her hair person, her makeup person, etc. you get the picture. Anyway, we did some research into this report and while theres not much available about the original draft of Squirrel to the Nuts, there is no production copy that shows that the characters name was initially Angie. However, I could totally see how Jennifer would pull rank to get rid of Angie as the character, and it makes me wonder just how over Angelina and Brad she really is. After all, shes also the one who decided to change flights after finding out Angelina would be on it, and the whole thing just makes her look petty and Angelina look better. What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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