Little Drama For United States In Friday’s World Cup Qualifier … But Would You Look At Mexico!

Homemade heroin first developed in Russia may have come to the United States

Its not going to be easy. Panama hasnt been what we all thought in the final round. But any team with real defensive commitment (check) and a determined, talented, bulldog of a goal scorer (check Blas Perez) has a chance. The Panamanians most definitely have a chance to navigate a draw, and then go hunting for the final, telling points in the finale in Central America against the United States. (Make that, injured and potentially less motivated United States.) (MORE: Why you might WANT Mexico at the World Cup) Panama will certainly dig in Friday at Estadio Azteca, looking to create through Perez on the counter and on restarts, and they will be awfully tough to beat. Veteran goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa says it can be done, noting a freshness and a new vibe thanks to the recent managerial comeuppance. Here is his interview with . To get you further up to speed on the Mexican pinch should we coin something like the Mexican Mess? Or perhaps go with El Tri Trauma? Gee, this is rather fun, isnt it? here is Kyle McCarthys swell analysis on the roster choices ahead for the qualifiers Friday and then next week at Costa Rica. (MORE: The tantalizing scenario developing between U.S., Mexico) Remember, by the way, Mexico is probably targeting noting better than fourth place; the United States and Costa Rica have qualified, and Honduras has a much better pathway to the third and final automatic berth for Brazil out of CONCACAF. That leaves Mexico and Panama to fight it out for fourth and the playoff series with New Zealand in November. I still contend that the World Cup is better with Mexico in it.

Why Does United States Excel at Presidents Cups but Struggle at Ryder Cups?

The body metabolizes desomorphine quickly, which makes it difficult for doctors to know for sure whether someone has used krokodil. While the recent cases in Arizona are officially unconfirmed, the patients told physicians that they had taken the drug, according to a doctor at the Banner Poison Control and Drug Information Center in Phoenix. Desomorphine, however, is not why krokodil is so dangerous. About 10 years ago, Russians apparently discovered how to synthesize desomorphine at home using commercially available ingredients including red phosphorus, which they reportedly glean from the sides of matchboxes, and codeine, which until last year was available over the counter in Russia. The resulting substance contains several caustic byproducts. When you use the krokodil . . . really what youre doing is injecting red phosphorus and solvents into your body, said Matt Zuckerman, a toxicologist at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. With regular use, those toxins can rot flesh, causing abscesses and gangrene. A recent U.N. report attributed krokodils emergence to a heroin shortage in Russia.

Not only does that format expose the Internationals’ lack of depth, it forces golfers to play more matches under intense pressure, which can take a toll as the competition wears on. Following the first two days at Muirfield, the United States led by only one point . Yet by the time the fourth session was complete early Sunday morning, the Internationals trailed by six and the competition was essentially over even before the singles began. If Nick Price could’ve sat Sterne and Grace, how different would #PresCup have been? They went 0-8. Overhaul needed. Robert Lusetich (@RobertLusetich) October 7, 2013 While no Ryder Cup format change is forthcoming, there is reason to be optimistic for the 2014 competition and beyond. An emerging crop of talented match play golfers such as Bradley, Jason Dufner, Bill Haas and Webb Simpson made a positive impact on this years U.S. team, and those golfers will likely be key members of Watsons 2014 squad. David Cannon/Getty Images Likewise, the growth and importance of the FedEx Cup is keeping the top American golfers playing later into the season, and the sharpness that can create has already begun to translate to better Ryder Cup performances to say nothing of the Presidents Cup. If not for the singles meltdown last year, the United States would be defending the Cup at Gleneagles next year instead of chasing it. Additionally, the Yanks played well at Celtic Manor three years ago, challenging late before falling short.