Mets: State Of New York Mets Franchise At The Start Of The 2013-14 Offseason

Similarto Miami, the Mets have talent. Even if a lot of it remains untested. A division title is improbable, but not impossible.The Nationals and Braves will present an undeniable hurdle next year. Maddie Meyer/Getty Images So where exactly do the Mets stand in the NL East? What will it take to be crowned division champs for the first time since 2006? I don’t care what moves they make this winter. The Mets have the talent to hold their own in most pitching categories. If pitching fails to live up to expectations, their chances fall to zero. It begins with the starting rotationtheir prosperity depends on it. Despite the team philosophy, they still aren’t getting on base enoughan issue expounded by their inability to produce extra-base-hits. Don’t fault the strategy. The Cardinals led the National League in runs scored. Not coincidentally, they ranked second in OPS behind the Coors Field-aided Colorado Rockies . On-base percentage and slugging percentage equal runsthe correlation is irrefutable at this point. And New York could really use some elevated numbers across the board. But fear not, it’s not all grim.

New York biker bash and attack on SUV a polarizing event

NEW YORK Motorcyclists familiar with the annual pack ride known as Hollywood’s Block Party were excited about this year’s bash, and for good reason. The 2011 ride through New York City was “a zoo,” according to an online post that included a photograph of hundreds of bikers roaring up an expressway, the Manhattan skyline visible in the distance. The 2012 ride, which involved a takeover of Times Square that was captured on video, was equally raucous. “Last year was crazy. How is this year gonna be?” one participant tweeted shortly before the Sept. 29 gathering. The answer: terrifying, tragic, and polarizing. At least seven bikers are facing criminal charges. Two men were left bloodied and bruised, one of them with both legs shattered. And the rally organizer a 29-year-old New York stunt enthusiast named Jamie Lao, AKA Hollywood Stuntz is struggling to defend an event that appears to have few fans, even in motorcycling circles. That’s especially true after a video showed motorcyclists pursuing a family in its SUV and beating the driver, Alexian Lien, as his wife and their 2-year-old daughter watched. A second video also revealed that a New York undercover police officer was among those throwing kicks and punches at the SUV at least, that’s what New York prosecutors allege. Det. Wojciech Braszczok, who was off duty at the time, faces charges of gang assault and criminal mischief; he says he couldn’t risk blowing his cover by going to the family’s aid. That this year’s Hollywood’s Block Party dissolved into mayhem is not in dispute.