New York Taxi-of-tomorrow Plan Struck Down By State Court

Cardozo, New York corporation counsel, said in a statement. The city intends to appeal immediately, he said. Aside from its being by far the safest taxicab ever designed, the NV200 has superior legroom, a panoramic roof and a host of other comforts and amenities, Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky said in a statement. We remain committed to bringing it to the riding public. The Taxi of Tomorrow program is a plan by Mayor Michael Bloomberg s administration to standardize and expand the citys fleet of 13,237 yellow cabs with 15,237 yellow vans built by Nissan, of which more than 2,000 would be accessible for wheelchairs. The mayor is founder and majority owner of Bloomberg News parent Bloomberg LP. $1 Billion Revenue The Nissans, already being made, were to hit the streets Oct. 28. The program was slated to bring in more than $1 billion in revenue to the city. We are disappointed in the courts decision, but it will not prevent our plan to start upgrading the NYC taxi fleet with the Nissan Taxi of Tomorrow at the end of the month, Travis Parman, a U.S. spokesman for Yokohama, Japan-based Nissan, said in an e-mail. We are evaluating options for next steps regarding the exclusivity contract. The other part of the program is a fleet of green cabs that riders could hail in underserved areas of the city, including northern Manhattan and the boroughs of Brooklyn , Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. Those cars have been on the streets since August. The fleet, now at 300, will increase to 18,000 over the next three years, 20 percent of which will be accessible to the disabled, according to Allan Fromberg, a spokesman for the Taxi and Limousine Commission Medallion owners and taxi drivers had different reactions to Haglers decision.

New York tech startups awarded opportunity to launch in London

Heres a look at the winners in each of the five categories: Charitybuzz (lifestyle) The charity auction site , founded in 2005, allows users to bid on high-end designer products and meet-and-greets with celebs. Its on track this year to raise $100 million for charity and register 100,000 bidders, said CEO and founder Coppy Holzman. With each auction, the midtown company earns a 20% profit, while the rest goes to the charity of that celebritys choosing. Among the items up for auction on Charitybuzz is an autographed Bon Jovi leather jacket. London is already Charitybuzzs third-largest market behind New York and Los Angeles thanks to working with British entertainers such as Paul McCartney and Elton John. We already have a database of donors and bidders from the U.K., but we have no office there! Holzman told The News. Now we feel buoyed to get something on the ground. TeachBoost (education) The downtown Brooklyn-based firm offers teachers and school administrators a way to interact with one another through a cloud-based platform. Teaching resources, data and evaluations can be shared and updated through each schools online community. The company, which launched in fall 2011, began in eight schools and has since grown to more than 500. Gust (finance) The site is a sort of for entrepreneurs and investors. Businesses looking for funding can set up a company profile, create video pitches and track their investor activity. Investors, meanwhile, can manage their applications for funding and their client portfolios. The Chelsea-based company now employs 30 people and has users in 220 countries, said CEO David Rose.

The Rise and Fall of Amar’e Stoudemire’s New York Knicks Career

The numbers could, of course, have been skewed by a disproportionate number of film people in the sample, whose acquisitive impulses know no bounds (of taste or otherwise). It is also quite believable that San Franciscans are the undisputed kings and queens of smartphone shopping during a business meeting. You can see them, can’t you, staring into their laptops, eyes glazed by too much hipsterish disinterest and secret desperation for another check shirt? But while you might be wondering why Chicagoans are the national leaders in buying things on their little phones while a co-worker is chatting about his or her kids, I want to focus on the one deadly statistic to emerge from this seminal piece of investigative work. New Yorkers are the undisputed lords and ladies of smartphone shopping during funerals. While the dear departed are being eulogized, the cheap and discounted are being discreetly scoured on Galaxys and iPhones. While Auntie Leonora is being lowered into a shallow grave or incinerated to her next life as celestial ash, New Yorkers are staring down and buying shallow flower pots and ash-colored wallpaper. (Brooklynites, I suspect.) More Technically Incorrect Americans can’t count, and not so good at tech — report It’s true that the proportion of New Yorkers who admitted to this is small — just 6 percent. But it’s three times that of any other American city. Indeed, not one person in San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston or Washington, D.C. had ever, ever phone-shopped during a ceremony for the recently clog-popped . Of course, some will say these results merely reflect the in-between-your-teeth honesty of your average New Yorker. I am not so sure. I feel confident that if Malcolm Gladwell were to look at these numbers, he would immediately begin penning a book titled “The Corpsing Economy” or “The Coffin Point.” I appeal, therefore to New Yorkers. Please think very hard about such concepts as respect and materialism.

New York — home of smartphone shopping during funerals

Chuck Schumer predicts Republicans will back down from demands on Obamacare restrictions Let me make a prediction,’ Schumer said Monday on CNN. ‘When we get close to debt ceiling, (House Speaker John Boehner) will have to break with the tea party.’ By Adam Edelman / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, October 7, 2013, 3:03 PM Comment CNN Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Monday he thinks House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will fold before the nation reaches its debt ceiling on Oct. 17. Related Stories Why the Debt Ceiling Is a Better Fight Than the Continuing Resolution for the GOP New York Sen. Chuck Schumer insisted Monday that House Republicans would back down from their demands to link Obamacare restrictions to keeping the government funded before the country reaches its borrowing limit later this month. Let me make a prediction, Schumer said Monday on CNN. When we get close to debt ceiling, ( House Speaker John Boehner ) will have to break with the tea party. RELATED: BOEHNER: BUDGET SHUTDOWN WONT END WITHOUT NEGOTIATIONS The debt ceiling is such a calamitous possibility that you could go into a recession or even a depression worse than Lehman Brothers and AIG in 2008, that he will have no choice, Schumer added. New Yorks senior senator went on to re-issue a challenge to Boehner that many top Democrats have already thrown toward the embattled Republican House leader: call a vote on the House floor for a clean continuing resolution to keep the federal government funded. RELATED: REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN TIM GRIFFIN BLASTS DEMOCRATS FOR VIOLENT RHETORIC DURING CAPITOL SHOOTING Just put it on the floor, lets see if we have the votes, Schumer said. I have very little doubt if the Speaker put it on the floor, it would pass. But Boehner claimed just a day earlier that he would not have enough votes, across both parties, to pass either a clean debt ceiling increase or a clean government funding bill. RELATED: NOBODY WINNING IN SHUTDOWN SHOWDOWN AS DEBT WOES LOOM Figureheads in both parties have traded barbs in the days since the federal government shut down on Oct.

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer predicts Republicans will back down from demands on Obamacare restrictions

That Stoudemire will suffer another injury, then another setback, no matter how many precautions he or the Knicks take. How well will Stoudemire play upon his return? He’ll return to All-Star from. Good enough to start. Like a servicable sixth or seventh man. He’s destined to be a benchwarmer. Submit Vote vote to see results How well will Stoudemire play upon his return? He’ll return to All-Star from. 16.7% Like a servicable sixth or seventh man. 83.3% He’s destined to be a benchwarmer. 0.0% Total votes: 6 “To see him go forward and then take some steps back every time, it’s just sad,” Anthony said, per Zwerling. Sad doesn’t even do this situation justice. Tragic is more fitting. Stoudemire was a pioneer for the organization. He signed on for the long haul when no one else would, when LeBron didn’t.