The Hollywood Hairdo Every Woman Over 40 Must Try. Just One Problem – Your Children Will Hate It

Hollywood Petitions California Legislators for More Film and TV Tax Incentives

More money. That is what the state of California needs to provide in incentives to keep movie and TV productions in the state at a time when there is significant competition from other states and countries — according to politicians, business and labor representatives, and economists. our editor recommends Tax Lawyer: Hollywood Needs Federal Incentives Now (Guest Column) They were speaking at a joint oversight hearing of two California Assembly committees held at SAG-AFTRA headquarters in Los Angles on Wednesday. “It just seems like a no-brainer for us to expand the pool of money,” Ruben Gonzalez, vp public policy and political affairs for the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce told the committee members, “rethink the regulations, rethink the cap (on how much any one production can receive) and have it set for a longer period than the few years we do now. The one thing every business needs is certainty when they invest.” “Behind the glitz and glamor of the Hollywood lights, there are real people — hard-working men and women who make the regular people into stars,” said Rusty Hicks, political director, L.A. County Federation of Labor. “Keeping Californians working in California is something we can all agree on,” added Hicks. Amy Lemisch, executive director of the California Film Commission, noted the $100 million in tax credits allocated each year to retain movie and TV productions is all spent in one day, with many of the eligible projects left on a waiting list or unfunded. “It’s not an effective way to run an economic development program,” said Lemisch. Lemish said the most lucrative form of entertainment production in terms of what it contributes to a local economy are TV series, and the California program doesn’t include network series, only basic cable series. That is because the program, when created in 2009, was focused on those forms of entertainment they felt could be retained through the program. California Senator Ted Lieu said one problem is that legislators from Northern California often resist expanding the program because they think it is really focused on Southern California. Lieu said there may be a need to redefine entertainment to include things like the video game industry and postproduction.

Yellens quiet patience paid off in bid for Fed chair Ylan Q. Mui and Zachary A. Goldfarb Obamas pick to lead the central bank had refused to press for the job, even as she looked like a long shot. A glitch caused the computers to go into safety mode, stopping the ride, Schroder said. The safety system did exactly what its supposed to do, he said. The reason the rescue took so long is because park officials wanted to take their time and do it safely, Schroder said. We spent a lot of that time talking to them (the passengers) and trying to make them as comfortable as we could. Several other trains were on the track when the ride stopped, but park workers were able to help those passengers off almost immediately. However, the final train was stuck in a vertical position, more than 150 feet from the ground. With Orlando Fire Rescue on the scene, the train was moved forward to a horizontal position. The passengers were then able to get off the train and take an elevator down. No serious injuries were reported, but Schroder said one woman complained of neck pain and went to the hospital as a precaution. Park officials will now investigate what caused the glitch, Schroder said. It wasnt immediately clear when the ride would be running again. Were not going to reopen it until we understand what happened and make sure it cant happen again, Schroder said. The ride was previously closed for two days in August.

Passengers stuck for 2 hours on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Studios Florida

As a mother of three with a demanding career and little spare cash to spend on myself, I was nervous about making changes that sounded so high-maintenance. ‘As we age, longer hair can appear to drag our facial muscles down while shorter styles create the illusion of pulling them up, giving gravity a helping hand,’ Jo Hansford told me. ‘Your old haircut was triangular – very heavy at the bottom and the length was weighing it down. ‘You have a square-shaped head and chin (really?) so we’d suggest taking the length up above the shoulders, and putting in some graduation at the front, to soften these angles. Your hair would then frame your face, and we’d reshape the back to give it more bounce. ‘Your fringe should sweep over to one side, like Cameron Diaz’s, as this would soften your features, taking years off you. ‘You look like the sort of woman who’s too busy fussing with her hair to look after her children’ ‘Your old hair colour was luminous, so we will tint it all over to a more translucent, softer blonde, using golden caramel shades. This will look more sophisticated and should need re-doing no more than every couple of months.’ While Jo’s stylist, Evie Perkins, did my colour, the cut was done by senior stylist Marcio Oliveira, who insists the Cameron Diaz cut is the perfect style for fortysomethings like me. My hair, he told me, is twice as thick as and much curlier than the Hollywood star’s, so he pared it right down to get it to lie as flat and look a little choppy like hers. And as my fringe was shorter than Cameron’s, he created a kind of sweep-over, taking a chunk of hair from the right side of my head and training it to fall over to the right. ‘Cameron will have a team of people whose job it is to make sure she always looks her best in public,’ said Marcio. ‘But with the right cut and blow-dry, women like you can achieve this look.’ Not all happy: Helen’s three children preferred her old hair style So what was the verdict? If I’m honest, when I looked in the mirror after my blow-dry I got a shock. My hair has never been so short – or indeed dark, although, of course, it’s still blonde. I felt immediately lighter, and more carefree, having shed several inches from the length, and a considerable amount more from the width of my hair.

Your guide to the porn-y fall movie season: Has Hollywood gone too far?

Maybe not so much. Critics are dubbing the current Tinseltown movie season as perhaps the porniest ever given the amount of sexually-charged movies coming out, touching on everything from statutory rape and sex addiction, to incest and even a little bit of necrophilia thrown in there for good measure. Too many current movies for this fall are tinged, or rather stained, by too many studios releasing meaningless, empty stories that seem to be more porn-like than film-like. Making movies that glorify porn addicts, child molesters, necrophiliacs who kill in order to have sex later only contributes to the decay of the moral compass of society, filmmaker and media educator Nicole Clark told FOX411. Too many people in our society have become desensitized. Some of the films make this years controversial Spring Breakers appear tame. So where to even start? Daniel Radcliffe has shed his Harry Potter persona for the upcoming Kill Your Darlings with an exploration of homosexuality, masturbation and picking up older men in bar, and Blue is the Warmest Color continues to stir controversy in the U.S. as it is released in more and more film festivals. The French lesbian movie, which won the Cannes Film Festival, is being hailed for its artistic elements and passionate love story, but has been slapped with a NC-17 rating and includes a very graphic, lengthy sex scene. Technically in America, the relationship would be considered statutory rape. But according to human behavior expert Patrick Wanis, sexually explicit content is everywhere and it is simply a logical progression that the business of Hollywood would cash in by taking the cultural movement to the next level. The cultural shift is not only about sex, it is about a general degradation of values, he said.