Washington State Battles Over Genetically Modified Food

Also, rolling out new menu items is always a gamble, and a pricey one at that. While theyre reluctant to share the exact price of rolling out a new item, fast food giants often invest several million dollars in every new product they roll out. So when a product fails, it fails big. But more often than not, when a new item is added to the menu of a big chain, its gone through so many rounds of market testing that the brand can be pretty much assured that its going to sell. From a french fry that absorbs less oil to KFCs experiment with a fast-casual concept, weve rounded up the top 10 cutting-edge fast food innovations so far this year. 1Burger King Satisfries Burger King Burger King shook up the relatively static fast food french fry world last month with the introduction of Satisfries, which not only are crinkle-cut, but contain less fat and calories than their standard fries thanks to a nifty scientific trick. Every fast food fry gets a dunk in a thin batter, and this one is formulated to allow less oil to penetrate into the potato while it fries. Not only does it make the offering healthier, it completely reinvents it. Satisfries are the most cutting-edge fast food invention so far in 2013. 2KFC Opens KFC eleven The Daily Meal/Jared Marr After much secrecy, KFC opened their fast-casual prototype, KFC eleven, near their Louisville, Ky., headquarters back in July. With a menu largely revolving around their new boneless chicken (used in salads, sandwiches, rice bowls, and flatbreads), the new restaurant is geared toward those who are looking for something a little upscale with their fast food. Its still unknown whether more will open, but this could be a sign of things to come for a fast food industry thats constantly looking to reinvent itself. 3McDonalds Mighty Wings McDonalds McDonalds proved once again last month that they could revolutionize the fast-food industry without skipping a beat by announcing that theyd be testing out their Mighty Wings on a national scale. The wings are big and crispy, and prove that a fast food giant other than KFC can compete in this game.

D.C.’s food trucks would be welcome in the suburbs

That’s somewhat disingenuous, said Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition at New York University. “There is plenty of precedent for FDA requiring process labeling. Think of ‘made from concentrate’ or ‘previously frozen.'” Nestle does not believe GMO ingredients are harmful, but thinks companies should label them because when they don’t, it appears they have something to hide. “If they had just labeled from the start, as the original GMO product, the Calgene Flavr Savr tomato did, none of this opposition would have built up,” she said. Gregory Jaffe, who directs the biotechnology program of the Center for Science in the Public Interest in Washington, D.C., says the real answer would be to give FDA mandatory authority to ensure that these crops are safe to eat before they get to market. Currently FDA oversight is voluntary. Despite fears on the part of some consumers, “there’s an international consensus among the best scientists and regulators around the world that foods made from those crops are safe to eat,” says Jaffe. “But that doesn’t justify FDA not taking a hard look at them before they get to market.” In September 66% of Washington voters said they would vote for labeling, says Stuart Elway, whose Seattle firm conducts polls in the state. Those numbers may change as both sides roll out their ad campaigns, he said. “I was watching TV the other night and saw a couple different ones on the anti-side. They’ve got the former secretary of agriculture for the state and a farmer. They’re well produced so they’re rolling out the heavy guns,” Elway said.

Reddit’s Commitment To Sh***y Food Porn Continues To Astound Us (PHOTOS)

You’re welcome. Now never try this. 17. “Aldi burgers with peanut butter and cream cheese on a bed of tasty cheddar.” – mystery666 While melting shredded cheese directly onto a plate and eating it is an old Shitty Food Porn standard, it never ceases to amaze us. Dude, peanut butter and cream cheese and burgers AND cheddar? Have you ever heard of lettuce? 18. “Canned Vienna Sausage and Italian-Style Wedding soup cooked in the dirty break-room microwave.” – phylop Whoa. This is one too many cans. Also, of course your break room microwave is dirty. They can barely pay you enough to afford food — did you expect cleaning supplies? I don’t want to be too harsh, because it’s clear that you’re going through some serious shit, but Vienna Sausages are not the answer. Not now, not ever.

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7] and the beef that Fairfax parents, students and teachers might have with school lunches [ Fairfax schools ditch recently upgraded burgers , Metro, Oct. 5]. My fellow teachers and I must decide daily whether to weave our way down to the cafeteria or to brown-bag it, warming up last nights leftovers or a purchased frozen entree. I know nothing about the regulations governing food trucks in the D.C. region, but I do know that Jacob and Carl Tripletts Carolina-style barbecue would be a welcome change in my daily routine. Instead of trying to parallel park in the urban congestion of LEnfant Plaza or Franklin Square, why not come out to the suburbs? The Districts food trucks would have a captive and grateful audience at lunch every day of the week if they parked on a wide-open suburban street . We have a closed campus, so I cant promise that any students could take advantage of this dining option, but we have about 200 adults with 30 minutes to spare in the middle of the day, five days a week. Dozens of my colleagues would jump at the chance to stroll down the street, grab some grub, enjoy the pleasant weather and return to their classrooms refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of their day. Brooke Ramey Nelson, Vienna